How to Switch IPTV TV Guide style!

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What is the EPG?

The EPG stands for Electronic Program Guide. which updates the menu for TV and other streaming applications. displaying scheduling information for current and upcoming channel programs (most TV schedules). Some guides also have the ability to scroll back to advertise their catch-up. Some guides also have the ability to scroll back to advertise their catch-up.


AirTV IPTV will show you current and upcoming shows with up to 14 days of data. This lets you know in advance how to turn on IPTV and watch your favorite live shows.

How to switch IPTV EPG Guide style on AirTV IPTV?

AirTV IPTV provides three EPG guides: Grid EPG, Classic EPG, and Normal EPG. The default EPG guide is used. When you install our application, you can choose your EPG according to your own style.


Get some tips on the TV guide.

Go to the main screen of AirTV IPTV and click the Settings button. You will see the option to switch EPG styles.


In the AirTV Settings screen, find “Channel List Mode”. Here you can switch your favorite EPG mode at any time.


Next, you can switch the EPG mode in the following 3.

Please check the Grid EPG interface:


Please check the Classic EPG interface:


Please check the Normal EPG screen:


Everything about AirTV IPTV EPG

Different versions of subscriptions have different EPG styles.

Only standard (STB version) and Plus version (STB version) come with the classic EPG. 

1. Install standard STB version(blue) and Plus STB Version(red) on Android TV Box and Android Smart TV to get Classic EPG.

2. If you have the plus PAD version (red) installed on your PAD or phone, there is no classic EPG.  

3. If you have the standard PAD version (blue), there’s no classic EPG either.  

You can find it in the below chart.

Finally, you can enjoy stable HD streaming content on AirTV IPTV. You can register an IPTV account on AirTV IPTV. First, you can test our free 3-day IPTV service to see if it is the best IPTV service in 2023. Enjoy!

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1. Why is my EPG not updating?

If you can go to the Settings page to check, and try to switch EPG mode back and forth, then return to the live interface to check whether it has been updated. If that doesn’t work, you can clear the IPTV app or your device’s ring files on the spot. Check whether the EPG update problem can be solved.

2. How do I connect to EPG?

If your device has EPG functionality, you only need to access EPG by pressing the Guide button on the air remote. Or use the AirTV IPTV mentioned in the article to access the 3 modes of EPG display.

3. What benefits can you get from using EPG?

No matter which EPG mode you are talking about, there are many advantages to using EPG.

Use EPG to enhance your viewing experience. Let you browse TV shows and channel schedules at any time, and access the content you want. It’s convenient and fast, saves you most of the time when looking for shows, and enhances the viewing experience. With EPG, you can navigate the channel content and sports events you want to watch

4. What is Normal EPG?

Normal EPG: It displays upcoming programs in a list format. Here you can view the name of the live channel, start time and duration, etc. You can also scroll down to find more channel content in the list.

5. What is Classic EPG?

The layout of Classic EPG displays program information in a grid format. with many live channels displayed in a horizontal layout and schedules organized by time.

6. What is Grid EPG?

The Grid EPG displays the current program information in the form of a grid and a table, and the channels are listed. This format allows you to filter show types, set reminders, and search for specific shows, among other things.

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