How to Add FAV Channels on IPTV AirTV?

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AirTV IPTV is the best IPTV service in Australia as well as the best UK IPTV. offers subscriptions from the UK, Australia, Ireland, Germany, and other European countries.


There are 3000+VOD and 1000+ live channels and 200+ valuable sports channels. When you encounter their favorite programs, you can choose to use FAV this function to add their favorite programs. this text teaches you how to add a FAV channel on AirTV IPTV?


How to add your favorite channel to AirTV IPTV?

When you encounter a long list of programs, finding their favorite channel is a very annoying thing. There is a FAV add channel feature that allows you to solve your immediate problem. Well, you will choose it without hesitation.

Now, there are two ways to add FAV programs.

Method 1: You can add favorite channels to your TV

To select your favorite live channel, you only need to press the “OK” button on the remote control for more than two seconds. and a ☆ sign will appear to add your favorite program. Click the asterisk to complete the FAV favorites channel function.


Mothod2: Add Fav Channels on Fav Manage

The second way to add your favorite shows is to go to Settings – Favorites Management. You can set up groups in FAV, which makes it easier to find the groups you want.

For example, you can select the “Sports” group to find programs to add to the FAV column, instead of looking at more than 1,300 channels one by one.


Finally, do you understand the above tutorial? AirTV IPTV is the best IPTV of 2022, when you download its application, you can transfer it to your favorite channel. if you have not downloaded our application, you can try to download our service. We offer you a free 3-day trial and you won’t be disappointed.

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