Video: Best IPTV streaming service in the UK review

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Welcome to IPTV trial:
IPTV UK The complete list of UK IPTV channels working with the Android Smart Tv We are the best provider with the cheapest prices and best stability.

AirTV Extra IPTV service has lots of channels and the PVR function is absolutely fantastic when you want to record sporting events so you don’t miss a thing, It is a cloud PVR too so there are no extra bits of kit you need, it’s all done through the app.

I love to watch rugby league and football and when they are on at the same time the Record function is excellent. just go to the channel you want to record find the program on the tv guide, click on it, and voila, it asks if you want to record. It’s as easy as that, then you just watch it back at your leisure. cant say enough good things about the service.

I know the price seems a little higher than other IPTV services, but trust me when you try these guys you will understand how much better AirTV IPTV is.

One of the best things is that they give you a 3-day FREE IPTV trial, yes 3 days, now this gives you enough time to try out the service, and believe me, you will soon be signing up and getting rid of your cable or satellite service. Give it go folks, what have you got to lose.


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