AirTV IPTV VS Xtream Code IPTV

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This paper compares AirTV IPTV and Xtream Code IPTV from many perspectives. Let you understand what is the best premium IPTV.



What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol Television”. For many, it’s the future of how television will be consumed. As of now, TV broadcasters send out a signal that is then interpreted with an antenna. This is true for cable and satellite TV. Since the signal is not modifiable by any means, you cannot dictate what to watch and when. You can only tune in when your favorite TV show or movie is on and that’s it.

What is AirTV IPTV?

AirTV IPTV offers channels in the UK, Australia, Ireland, Greece, Germany, and Italy. There are many live channels. Soccer, UFC, boxing… The best UK IPTV option for sports fans. It is also the best Australian IPTV and IPTV Ireland.

What is Xtream Code IPTV?

Xtream Codes is an IPTV panel that allows its users to stream and consume IPTVs.

Comparison Table of AirTV IPTV and Xtream Code IPTV


Okay, Let’s Review the above-listed:

Login & Streaming Protocol

AirTV IPTV: Private Protocol, Powerful Support, More Stable.

Xtream Code IPTV: Open Source Protocol, When Game/Match on easily buffering, even be blocked by ISP.

Broadcast channel

AirTV IPTV: 1000+ live channels, stable HD without delay. Focus on quantity, no open-source system.

Xtream Code IPTV: 300-5000 or more channels, but most channels are not their own source and if there is a problem, it is difficult to solve it in time. Easy to lose control, poor quality, and instability.

Application function

AirTV IPTV: Professional application, friendly user interface, more stable.powerful maintenance and update, first-class service.

Xtream Code IPTV: common application with a normal UI, and poor functions. For example, IPTV Smarter.

Classic TV Guide (EPG)

AirTV IPTV: EPG program list is clear, the scene is clear, three formats: Classic, Grid, Normal.
Xtream Code IPTV: one style, not good, unstable, even without EPG support.

PVR cloud recording function

AirTV IPTV: 40 hours cloud PVR, can save the cloud. Click here to learn more about the cloud PVR features of AirTV IPTV.
Xtream code IPTV: not available.

Picture quality

AirTV IPTV: Clearer, buffered, and smoother, especially during games/tournaments.
Xtream Code IPTV: Attack buffering, even stopping during the game/match.

Time delay

AirTV IPTV: less than 60 seconds.
Xtream Code IPTV: Most are 90 seconds and even more than 120 seconds.

Server features 

AirTV IPTV: stable and high-end server, strong technical support, professional IPTV service. enough server resources.  Automatic detection alarm system, no need to worry about large games/games with a large number of users at the same time.  

Xtream Code IPTV: Lack of technical support, limited server resources, but too many users, not stable.  

Engineering team technical support

AirTV IPTV: more than 10 years of engineer team, customer service 24/7 support, service more than 99%. Full technical support from channel source to APK and server systems.

Xtream Code IPTV: No technical support. There may be technical support from third parties. Because several key parts of IPTV are outsourced. If there is a problem in operation, it cannot be solved in time. There is no professional engineering team.

From the above, you have a good understanding of the differences between the two IPTV services. Come subscribe to our AirTV IPTV subscription service.

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