How to install IPTV on FireTVStick: The ultimate Guide

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Nowadays, Internet Protocol TELEVISION (IPTV) is becoming more and more popular. IPTV enables you to watch live channels and VOD on-demand content at an affordable price. giving you access to a large number of subscriptions.


Smart IPTV is available on FireStick devices, giving you access to your IPTV subscription from many IPTV providers. Applicable to Firestick users. The service does not provide any IPTV channels, but rather provides an IPTV management service for end-users.


The IPTV Gear service provides users with M3U listings. rather than traditional satellite signals and cable TV formats. So when installing on FireStik, we need an IPTV third-party player to complete the use of the M3U list provided by IPTV Gear. In this article, we’ll cover installing IPTV Gear on Firestick with a Smart IPTV third-party application.

This article, details how to install Smart IPTV on Firestick, you will be able to access a playlist of channels from your IPTV Gear subscription. And everything about IPTV Gear alternatives.

What is the IPTV Gear?

IPTV GEAR is the highest-priced IPTV subscription service. Has more than 10000 channels and uses a +10Gbps private server. Premium IPTV subscriptions don’t must traditional satellite signals and cable models.

Offers Premium IPTV service delivered with m3u list using the Internet protocol suite over the Internet. instead of being given through traditional satellite signal or cable television formats.

IPTV GEAR is an excellent IPTV service with plenty of enticing features. You can watch live channels, movies, and TV on your TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Why choose IPTV Gear?

Offer VOD with TV series (more than 20,000), more than 20,000 movies, and all new movies, and H264 compression technology, stable IPTV service, without buffering and freezing, you can watch IPTV subscription through IPTV Smarters Pro.

Pros: Best of all is its customer support, the IPTV service is always on 99, 99% of the time, 24/7 support, and supports a variety of devices.

Cons: IPTV GEAR does not offer free tests!

Conclusion: IPTV Gear is a premium IPTV provider with a high reputation value. Compared with other service providers, they are providing the best quality service. If you want to choose an IPTV provider with guaranteed late service, then IPTV Gear service makes your best choice.

Note: Before you begin, let me remind you that many of these channels are limited. It is recommended that you use a VPN on your FireStick device.
My preferred VPN is ExpressVPN, which completely hides your IP address and allows you to watch TV shows online on your Smart IPTV.

How to Install IPTV Gear on FireStick?

To install IPTV Gear on FireTVStick.
you’ll need a third-party application to complete the installation process. But, there are many good IPTV players out there, and almost all of the work with IPTV Gear. Here I’ll use one of the third-party apps called Smart IPTV to explain how to install and use IPTV Gear on FireTVStick.

Before we start the installation, make sure you install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick and then stream any content over Smart IPTV.

To install Smart IPTV, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Firestick home page

2. Click the Settings icon


3. Select ” My Fire TV


4. Select “Developer Options


5 . Click “Apps from Unknown Sources Off

6. Click “Turn on

7. Navigate back to the home page and choose The Find menu

8 . Click the Search option

9. Enter Downloader and select it from the list

10. Select the Downloader icon

11. Click Download and wait for the application to install

12. Wait for the download to complete

13. Click Open to run the downloader application


14. After the launcher opens, click Allow.

15. When prompted, click OK

16. By default, the home TAB opens with a text box on the right

17. On its home menu, insert the URL smart-FireTV and click Go.


Note: The link quoted is the official URL of this application/website. FIRESTICKHACKS does not own or resell any applications, streaming sites, or services. and has no relationship with its developers.

18. Wait until the Smart IPTV app is downloaded

19. The Downloader application will run Smart IPTV. Click “Install

20. Click “Finish” after installation


21. Now delete the Smart IPTV APK download package.

22. Ok, now we have completed the steps of installing the Smart IPTV application on FireStick.

How to set up and use IPTV Gear on FireStick?

  1. To access and use Smart IPTV on FireStick, you need to follow these steps:

2. Press the Home button on the FireStick remote control and select the app


3. Select a Smart IPTV application from the list

4. Open the app and the first time you open the Smart IPTV you will see this screen (note down the Mac address)

5. Now on your computer open a browser and visit to activate the Smart IPTV and enter your Mac address

6. Now you need to enter your payment information. Smart IPTV is available for 5.49 euros or $6.67 (as of December 1, 2020). It also offers a 7-day free trial.

7. Enter the Mac address and use the following options to upload your playlist. File (from your local device), URL (M3U or TXT file), EPG (EPG URL provided by your IPTV service provider)


Note: You will need to get the Mac address from the IPTV Gear provider and they will send you an email via their customer service email.

IPTV Gear replacement


IPTV Gear is a good IPTV service, with a good package and good value, but using it on FireStick requires third-party apps. not standalone apps, and VPN access.

But, a subscription service called IPTV AirTV lets you do away with all that stuff. IPTVAirTV

AirTV IPTV is a reliable IPTV service offering channels from the UK, Australia, and European countries. currently over 1000+ ultra live channels, VOD3000+, offering 200+ sports channels. Have a separate section to watch live. You can watch live channels, sports events, movies, and TV shows from all over the world. AirTV IPTV supports all Android devices. Free trial for 3 days. Allows you to test the service well before subscribing to it.

It is worth affirming that AirTV IPTV has an independent APK program, the benefits are stable, not buffered, and not stuck. Standalone APK is more stable than third-party applications.

You can download FireStick’s standalone APK program. and install and use it on supported devices without the need for third-party applications. And you don’t have to worry about choosing a VPN. Installing and activating AirTV IPTV is simple and only takes two steps. You need to download your APK to complete the installation, enter the code can enjoy.

This is why AirTV IPTV is the best alternative to IPTV installed on FireStick. Click here to learn more about how to install and use FireStick: How to use IPTV on Firestick?


You already know how to use IPTV Gear on FireStick. These steps are easy to follow but keep in mind that you will need a VPN when accessing channels from outside your home country. But, there’s a better alternative that lets you say goodbye to third-party apps and VPNs. Installing activated AirTV IPTV will be your best alternative.

You can access many great programs, sports channels, and premium channels. If you are not familiar with AirTV IPTV, please check out our AirTV website. If you want to see more IPTV services, click here: Best IPTV Reddit.


  1. Is IPTV illegal?
    In general, IPTV services are legal. But, their legality varies depending on how they are used. For example, if you use the service to enjoy free content or content from paid channels like Amazon Prime and Hulu, you won’t run into legal problems. But, they become illegal if you use them to view illegal material or content that is banned in the country you live in.
  2. What is a VPN?
    We mentioned VPNS earlier in this article, and you may not be sure if this is. VPNs protect your IP address and privacy and also ensure that your connection is encrypted. You can stream or access the Internet over an open WiFi network without fear that your personal data will be stolen.
  3. Is a FireStick good for IPTV?
    Currently, the device is known for its interface and powerful remote control. It is also quite affordable. These factors make FireStick a great option for IPTV services.
  4. Is FireStick good for IPTV?
    FireStick is one of the most popular streaming devices in the world today. The device will only get better with the occasional introduction of new and innovative features. Currently, the device is known for its interface and powerful remote control. It’s also affordable. These factors make FireStick an excellent choice for IPTV services.
  5. Can you watch normal TV on FireStick?
    Yes, it is possible to watch normal TV programs on FireStick. This content can be accessed via a streaming Provider. You can also watch content by loading them on an IPTV service.

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