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AirTV Extra 12 months

AirTV Extra IPTV With AirTV Standard package, 7 days catch up (playback) for over 200 very important channels, Very important sports and events, Recording function for catch up channels.

AirTV Extra IPTV 12 Month Hosting Service

AirTV Extra IPTV 12 Month subscription code is for 372 days.

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Please follow the below two steps to install and activate the code:

1. Please download and install the correct APK version to your device.

AirTV code with blue color APK,
AirTV Extra code with red color APK, AirTV Extra Sub-Device APK accordingly.

2. Please input the activation code in your APK to open the channels.

If you order the Sub-Device code, it is only be activated after binding to the AirTV Extra master device.

(1) You can check your subscription code in your user center: SKU–IPTV CODE.
(2 )Plus version now supports multi-devices with a family package. You can order a Sub-Device code to save off 60% for the bedroom (the second yearly code).

Check out the AirTV IPTV Family Package and start a free trial here.


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AirTV Extra 12 months


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